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The making of the Leather Journal Book Cover

It is part of our mission to help inspire other creatives, and to help them see a bigger purpose in their work. That creativity is a very essential thing about who we’re created to be, and that in creating we reflect the likeness of the ultimate creator. This project was an awesome opportunity to work with this young creative on a project together.

PurposeMade, in partnership with Ferguson Leatherworks bring you this premium Handmade Leather Field Notes Journal Cover. Hear the story behind the product. This product is designed to meet the needs of the designer, thinker, planner, and daily note taker: to be compact and versatile, able to go anywhere; yet made with the right materials to endure the test of time. Handcrafted from cut to stitch using some of the highest quality full grain leather, Wickett and Craig vegetable tanned harness leather is traditionally glazed to not only bring out the natural marbling and grain of the leather, but also to ensure years of use. A tool for makers and thinkers to help inspire creativity and thoughtful planning and reflection. Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes, Notebook Cover for Moleskine Cahier, Handmade Leather Cover for 3.5″ x 5.5″ Notebooks.

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FDE – Foundation Groups

Milwaukee Faith Driven Entrepreneur Foundation Groups – 2022

Are you a faith-driven entrepreneur eager to start or grow a business under biblical principles?

Join us at one of two Milwaukee Locations this summer for this Faith Driven Entrepreneur Foundation Group, an 8-week free series for Faith Driven entrepreneurs to encourage, empower, and equip them in their journey to live out their faith in Jesus through business and entrepreneurship. We encourage anyone (youth and adults) with an existing business or anyone ready to start a business to join.

Weekly 60 min group meetings that will include:
•FDE training videos and group discussion
•Practical training and resources for local entrepreneurs
•Special Visitors : Local successful faith driven entrepreneurs

City on a Hill

Starting June 20th Mondays 05:30Pm – 07:30Pm

Sherman Park Neighborhood

Starting June 18th Saturdays 10:00Am – 12:00Pm
Starting June 22nd Wednesdays 05:00Pm – 07:00Pm

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2022 Milwaukee Faith Driven Entrepreneur Conference

2022 Milwaukee Faith Driven Entrepreneur Live MKE

Encouraging, Empowering and Equipping Faith Driven Professional

communities for this 1-2 day live watch experience of the 2022 Milwaukee Faith Driven Entrepreneur (9/28)/Faith Driven Investor Conference (9/29). This event is designed to encourage, empower and equip faith-driven entrepreneurs around the world. Hear from leaders across industries on how they apply a faith-centered mindset in their businesses and learn from their insights and experience. Conference content will be a live global stream but our local event will also feature stories from local leaders, and give you the opportunity to fellowship and network with other faith-driven professionals in our area. Join us for one day or both!

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COVID Box | COVID-19 Intubation Aerosol Box Milwaukee, Wisconsin


COVID-19 Intubation Aerosol Box Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As so many of us are doing now, we are shifting our resources to help the fight against COVID-19, especially protecting our frontline healthcare workers. We became aware of these transparent plastic boxes used in clinical procedures to help keep healthcare professionals safer.

We’re aware of the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in healthcare, and there is a significantly increased risk of aerosolization of contaminated particles during medical procedures such as endotracheal intubations. There’s evidence that using a protective barrier enclosure as an adjunct to standard PPE can add an additional protection against aerosolization of particles.

These transparent “Intubation Aerosol Boxes” give visibility and access for the clinician but create a barrier between the patient during these high-risk procedures. As healthcare workers continue to struggle with shortages of PPE, and as they prepare for the continued battle against COVID-19, this simple solution can help protect those most at risk.


Our team has been working directly with key clinicians at Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee to optimize this device for clinical use and effectiveness. Here are some of the key features.


  • Precision cut polycarbonate plastic
  • Closable access panels for assistant’s hands
  • Access holes for breathing equipment
  • Ships flat and assembles in minutes with minimal tools
  • Easy break-down for cleaning and storage
  • Elongated access holes for comfortable access to the patient
  • Patient opening shield for additional protection
  • 2 widths available
    • 19.5” – OR/ED beds
    • 24.5” – ICU Beds


This is a 100% non-profit project. All money raised will go to support production costs for boxes. Here are a couple options for getting boxes. For more information contact or 414.409.3455‬

Special thanks to Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Dr. Dick Berens, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology; Dr. Steven Butz, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology; Dr. Amy Drendel, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Khris O’Brien, Respiratory Clinical Program Coordinator; and Robyn Saxe, MS, RN Director, Clinical Systems for providing their clinical expertise in research, development and prototyping of this device.


Contact us at for more information how you can build these boxes yourself.


We are a Milwaukee-based team of designers, engineers, and makers eager to use our God-given gifts to help support those in the greatest need during this crisis. We have the engineering skills, the clinical expertise, the machinery, the manufacturing knowledge, and material suppliers needed to design, develop, produce and distribute these devices, and we’re working tirelessly to help meet this need.

Our goal is to simply help equip healthcare providers with the tools they need to protect themselves against COVID-19. This is a 100% non-profit project and we’re doing all we can to make these available to healthcare providers. All support raised by donors and orders will be used to support the production cost for the boxes, and any additional funds will be donated to the Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee hospital for their support on the project.

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The tré | Apple Bluetooth Magic Trackpad and Keyboard Tray

This products was born out of necessity. I was a longtime Macbook (going back to when they were iBooks) user, and when ergonomics forced me to move to a desktop workstation I couldn’t adjust from the . Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Trakpad are great but with the angle they’re designed with they couldn’t be used the laptop keyboard/trackpad worktop configuration. After lots of testing with different designs, materials, and production methods we finally found the perfect balance of form and function and the tré was born.

The tré is designed to be a minimal, elegant Keyboard and Trackpad Tray for Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2. A simple yet powerful device that allows you to harness the incredible power of the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 to bring the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of a laptop keyboard/trackpad configuration to your couch, mobile, or desktop environment. Precisely carved from a premium synthetic material for a lightweight, durable base, and lovingly hand-finished, to bring function and style to any work station. The recess in the in tré accommodates the angled design of the Magic Trackpad and Keyboard to hold the devices completely flat to give you flush, seamless worktop just like the configuration of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Apple devices not included.


To bring laptop comfort and efficiency to the Magic Trackpad and Keyboard. To bring a simple minimal design to your workstation to inspire efficiency and good work.

Designed, manufactured, hand-finished, and shipped by PurposeMade in Milwaukee, WI. 

CNC routed from premium foam PVC for a finished product that is that is more durable, lightweight, and stable than wood or bamboo.

Hand finished with care and purpose. Slim cork bumpers on the bottom to keep your work surface sleek and in place. 

10.08” (25.6cm) x 11.48” (29.16cm) x .55” (1.4cm)

This product is handmade and will have some irregularities in the finish that won’t affect the performance or quality of the device.

This product works with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 (it does not currently work with the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad) These devices can be used with.

  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Macbook Pro and MacBook Air
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV 
  • Mobile Devices
  • PC


Will this work with X device?
The tré bluetooth keyboard and trackpad tray just works with Apple Magic Keyboards and Trackpad 2 Tray for now, and connectivity is dependent on compatibility with those devices. The Apple Magic Keyboards work as a bluetooth keyboard with many models of computer, mobile, or tablet. Some features are limited to iOS and MacOS. Magic Trackpad 2 works on both Mac and other desktop operating systems as an alternative to a mouse. Some features only work with MacOS. Contact us if you have any questions.

Does the tray interfere with the connectivity of the devices?
No, we’ve tested this extensively and haven’t had issues with the tray interfering with the bluetooth connection of the devices to the computer.

Can I charge the devices while they’re in the tray?
In a word, no, but to the credit of the amazing designers, developers and engineers at Apple, the batteries in the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad have an extremely long life. In our experience, with heavy daily use the keyboard’s charge will last a few months, and the trackpad several weeks. So charging happens so rarely it’s rarely a functional concern. To keep the design of the tré Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 Tray as minimal and elegant as we could we haven’t extended the thicknesses to accommodate charging cord access while they’re in the tray. We recommend pulling the devices out of the tray and charging them overnight after they get below 10%. 

Do you make this out of wood/bamboo? Why foam PVC?
We don’t, and believe us we tried. The challenges with using natural material like wood or bamboo is that they are not stable when machined to such a minimal profile, and they expand, contract, and warp depending on moisture and temperature in a given environment. Foam PVC is a stable, lightweight, and durable material that can be worked and finished just like wood. We found that with the current method of production this produces the highest quality we can get the tré Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 Tray to. 

How do the trackpad and keyboard stay in the tray?
The tré Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 Tray is designed to hold the devices in place snugly without clips or latches. To get the devices in place just slide one edge in the pocket and give the device a little tap to get it in place. The tray is designed with a little groove to easily pull the devices back out. 

Will my palms interfere with the device or errantly click the trackpad while working?
In short, yes. If you use ‘tap to click’ to click on an object with a soft touch without actually depressing the trackpad button then we have seen errant inputs from the palms while typing. To help we have created an acrylic bumper that helps with this issue, and we send one with every order.

Setting up your tré.

Adding the trackpad bumper.