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COVID Box | COVID-19 Intubation Aerosol Box Milwaukee, Wisconsin


COVID-19 Intubation Aerosol Box Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As so many of us are doing now, we are shifting our resources to help the fight against COVID-19, especially protecting our frontline healthcare workers. We became aware of these transparent plastic boxes used in clinical procedures to help keep healthcare professionals safer.

We’re aware of the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in healthcare, and there is a significantly increased risk of aerosolization of contaminated particles during medical procedures such as endotracheal intubations. There’s evidence that using a protective barrier enclosure as an adjunct to standard PPE can add an additional protection against aerosolization of particles.

These transparent “Intubation Aerosol Boxes” give visibility and access for the clinician but create a barrier between the patient during these high-risk procedures. As healthcare workers continue to struggle with shortages of PPE, and as they prepare for the continued battle against COVID-19, this simple solution can help protect those most at risk.


Our team has been working directly with key clinicians at Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee to optimize this device for clinical use and effectiveness. Here are some of the key features.


  • Precision cut polycarbonate plastic
  • Closable access panels for assistant’s hands
  • Access holes for breathing equipment
  • Ships flat and assembles in minutes with minimal tools
  • Easy break-down for cleaning and storage
  • Elongated access holes for comfortable access to the patient
  • Patient opening shield for additional protection
  • 2 widths available
    • 19.5” – OR/ED beds
    • 24.5” – ICU Beds


This is a 100% non-profit project. All money raised will go to support production costs for boxes. Here are a couple options for getting boxes. For more information contact or 414.409.3455‬

Special thanks to Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Dr. Dick Berens, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology; Dr. Steven Butz, MD Pediatric Anesthesiology; Dr. Amy Drendel, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Khris O’Brien, Respiratory Clinical Program Coordinator; and Robyn Saxe, MS, RN Director, Clinical Systems for providing their clinical expertise in research, development and prototyping of this device.


Contact us at for more information how you can build these boxes yourself.


We are a Milwaukee-based team of designers, engineers, and makers eager to use our God-given gifts to help support those in the greatest need during this crisis. We have the engineering skills, the clinical expertise, the machinery, the manufacturing knowledge, and material suppliers needed to design, develop, produce and distribute these devices, and we’re working tirelessly to help meet this need.

Our goal is to simply help equip healthcare providers with the tools they need to protect themselves against COVID-19. This is a 100% non-profit project and we’re doing all we can to make these available to healthcare providers. All support raised by donors and orders will be used to support the production cost for the boxes, and any additional funds will be donated to the Children’s Wisconsin – Milwaukee hospital for their support on the project.